After Sy, Tommy Osmeña now picks a fight with Ayalas in Cebu

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This politiko isn’t afraid to battle it out with big business.

It looks like Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña made a new enemy this year, but the issue is as grand as it can get. The politiko’s new battle is against the bilyonaryo Ayala Land in Cebu City, where he discovered that the company’s unit there has been operating without a valid business permit for almost a year now.

Osmeña published a show cause letter to the Ayala Land Sales, Inc. on Friday, June 13 where he gave the firm 72 hours to explain why they were selling condominiums without a local permit, not paying taxes to the city hall, and not issuing receipts to buyers.

“I know I’m not supposed to be making enemies this close to 2019, but way-pili lang mi when it comes to the enforcement of the law. You have 72 hours to explain why you are selling condos without paying taxes or giving your customers receipts,” the politiko wrote.

“Fail to explain how what you’re doing is not illegal, and a closure order will follow, and Cebu City will have the most laysho hospital extension the CCMC could ever hope for.”