17 Kuratong Baleleng members on the run in Cebu City

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CEBU CITY — A police official on Tuesday said 17 more “Kuratong Baleleng Gang” members are hiding in two villages in Mandaue City which have been their staging area before committing robbery, holdup, illegal drugs transactions, and assassination activities in Cebu.

Col. Julian Entoma, Mandaue City Police Office Director, identified Tingub and Looc in Mandaue City as the two barangays where members of the Parojinog group from Ozamis City are holed up ready to strike at their intended victims.

“Wa na silay laing kapadulngan, ari sila sa area kay ila nakita ang area nga conducive mataguan og armed persons kay lisod ang magsulod ug kun mo-exit nindot pagka exit kay daghang kalutsan (There are no other place that they can go to, they come in the area because they see it as a conducive place for armed persons as the area is difficult to enter and has so many exit points),” Entoma said in a radio interview.

He said the gang members are separate from the four suspected members of the drug-linked group from Ozamis City who were killed in separate incidents last Friday, April 5.

In Tingub, Jessie Parojinog alias Oyong, was allegedly shot after he opened fire on police operatives who were supposed to serve him a warrant of arrest.

In Looc, Henry Labajo and Eduard Baliling, who both had warrants for their arrest for illegal possession and selling of drugs, were killed when they engaged the police officers in a shootout.

Danilo Parojinog, meanwhile, was gunned down along A.C. Cortes Street in Tingub while driving a tricycle.

In the first week of March, the police were able to validate information provided by authorities in Ozamis City that the gang members with connection to the family are already in Mandaue City.

He, however, assured the public that the police are now closely monitoring the movement of several other members of the gang.

He described them as “nocturnal” because they could not be located during the day, while returning to their respective resting areas in Tingub and Looc during the night.

The gang members allegedly held up a pawnshop and a beauty shop in the neighboring town of Consolacion before laying low. “It’s their modus operandi, they lay low after their successful operation,” he said.

The chief of the Mandaue police said police informants in the two villages were able to monitor them talking about their missions to kill police officers.

“They were overheard saying they won’t allow the police to capture them alive,” Entoma said in Cebuano.

He also revealed that before the Sinulog fiesta in Cebu last January, the authorities were able to monitor a big motorized banca from Mindanao that allegedly dropped huge kilos of shabu.

The police also monitored the movement of another Kuratong member who has recently been hired by a politician in Toledo City as his goon.

“Politicians who want to hire them (gang members) are crazy. They should remember that these people have direct links to drugs. If they hire them, it means to say that they also have links to drugs. If I were them (politicians), they should refrain from maintaining goons, especially those who are members of this gang,” he said. (PNA)