‘Unconventional’ child-friendly center built in Ormoc City

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The first ever child-friendly learning center has been completed in Brgy. Cagbuhangin in Ormoc City, which is a separate from the children’s usual school classrooms.

According to the City Government of Ormoc, the design of the center was “carefully studied” by Native Narrative architectural designer and visualizer Jakob Gate.

“[T]he structure follows a rather unconventional architecture more suited for kids, different from the usual designs made by local engineers for school buildings,” she said.

The first model Brgy. Cagbuhangin is the largest among the three prototypes Jakob designed, and it occupies a space of 60 sq. m., for an estimated value of around P700,000.

Native Narrative project manager Cecilie Wang said that the center can serve as an ‘afterschool facility’ for kids where they can learn and have fun.

The center has a reading space and is equipped with children books and other educational materials.

Moreover, it is also a place where kids can draw and do their homework, watch film, dance, and play as there is a substantial space to do those activities. Toilet facilities are also in place for the kids.