Tommy Osmeña slams ‘cockroach’ Dino for BRT sabotage

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This man just won’t stop.

Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña took to social media his fury against Presidential Assistant Michael Dino, whom he claims to tried to again stop the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan for Cebu City.

Osmeña said Dino made a fresh attempt to sabotage the BRT at the Cabinet meeting.

But these efforts were in vain, as President Rodrigo Duterte was fully supportive of the plan.

“The Cebuanos did not elect you to take care of their problems. Nobody voted for you. You have no mandate, yet you act as if Cebu’s future belongs in your hands and yours alone,” Osmeña said as he shamed Dino.

“It’s funny, the President stopped your little presentation that called the BRT an “impending disaster” before you even got to page 2,” the politiko added.

“I know you and your PR consultant have decided to keep quiet in the media, but I also know what kind of person you are. You are a cockroach. But whether you operate quietly or in the open, you cannot stop the BRT.”

Strong words!