Friday, September 22, 2017

Still hurting: Duterte rejects Mar’s offer to meet

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has thumbed down administration standard bearer Mar Roxas’ request for a meeting following the controversy involving the spread of a nasty cancer rumor.

According to a report by the Philippine Star, Duterte merely shook his head when Roxas’ offer was relayed to him. The mayor did not issue any comment.

Duterte and Roxas used to be close friends, with the feisty local executive even taking time off from his busy schedule to meet with the former Cabinet official whenever he was in Davao City.

However, their relationship soured after rumor spread that Duterte was battling throat cancer.

The mayor accused Roxas’ camp and the Liberal Party because there had been previous talk about him seeking the presidency.

Roxas, however, denied he and his supporters had any hand in spreading the cancer rumor.

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  • erine0

    No point in meeting with a snake. A snake will always be a snake. It might even poison you. And a snake will always speak with a forked tongue. So Mar might deny to death. But who can trust a snake?

    • Country Above Self

      Yup the snake responsible for the BPO/Call center law now slated to overtake OFW remittances as the country’s No. 1 dollar earner providing jobs to thousands of Filipinos. Duterte is mistaken. Mar Roxas is not responsible for that. And it seems petty for him to feel bad about those rumors coming from a man who is supposed to be tough.

      • Barurots

        The urban legend Mar Roxas and his minimal BPO/Call Center Law.

        READ>>> My ambition is to become a Call Center Agent

        • Country Above Self

          What he passed was a law. That’s never minimal because you cannot encourage and protect a business without laws regulating and protecting the industry. He never claimed he invented the concept. Remember you are in a Third World country. Any job is welcome. Our jobless rate is at 20%. Beggars cannot be choosers. Take any job as a blessing instead of complaining.

          • PAPs

            You my friend are a minimalist. And that is why this country is what it is because of that kind of thinking. Are you kidding me? “Beggars cannot be choosers” “take any job as a blessing instead of complaining” “remember you are living in a 3rd world country” look at those statements. Your arguement is flawed, in a sense that, just cuz majority of us live in poverty we should just be grateful and take whatever we can to survive?. There is nothing wrong with being grateful but not complaining even if the reason is to improve the quality of life of the common filipino man? Or to see change for the better?. That is why we have debates so that we can discuss issues to better understand how we can solve them. If u think there is no problem with the present system then you sir are living with a colonial mindset. To be content right now with the present state that we have is ridiculous. And to say that we cant do anything about it so we should just be grateful is even more absurd. Is that who you want in power to think? If so then you are truly deluded by the propaganda that the present administration is endorsing. To just be grateful that you even have a job at all.. are you kidding me? I seriously hope duterte becomes president. So that we will see the change that this country desparately needs for better or worse.

          • Country Above Self

            So you are saying the Philippines is not a third-world country? Since when? May arguments are based on FACT! What I am saying is every Filipino needs to do his best to encourage job creation and to ACT ON IT because a lot of people in the Philippines are either unemployed or under employed. Those are facts. There IS a problem with the system. That is precisely my point. But the complaints are being made against people who HELP not against people who hinder the country or steal from it. All complaints without action lead to nowhere. Unless you are a proponent in such a belief system – all talk and no action. And that is the difference between countries in the first wold and countries mired in poverty – ACTION! Their supposed complaints are actually propaganda. Arguing about it but failing to see the motive behind it just adds to more talk and inaction. Instead of contributing to those who have helped the country, they contribute complaints BEREFT of any ACTION or even a sensible suggestion. You are putting words in my comment that aren’t there. Nowhere did I say, that one cannot do anything about issues. What I am saying is to direct comment plus action to the proper areas that really need them. It doesn’t take a genius to know what is wrong with the Philippines. And anyone who thinks a self-confessed murderer and philanderer should be President supports crime.

          • Marcus Vacanbello

            OMG…isa kang barakoda

          • Country Above Self

            Continue using the Lord’s name in vain and see what happens.

  • Melbarose R. Sasot


    • Shalom Zehrah Naar

      pinatulan na nga eh, siya pa ang unang naghusga laban sa Davao city..

      • Melbarose R. Sasot

        records nang police, police blotter nang Davao ang sisihin ni Duterte. Di niya maitatago yan dahil senasabmit yan sa National Office. Yabang siya nang yabang nang peace and order ay 500 criminal incidents pala araw araw ang nakablotter. dapat lang sabihin ang tototo. may evidence di ba.

  • The Freethinker

    Kung totoo ang alegasyon tiyak may alam si Mar dahil siya ang standard bearer ng LP. Ganon pa man kahit anong gagawin ng LP hindi manalo ang manok nila.

    • my_name

      Mar will win. I can attest that!

  • Pureza Veloso

    just let Duterte express his side maybe yon ang ugali niya na kahit hindi ang tao ang directly nagsabi only the mans firend damay ka , iyan ugali niya kaya MAR move on nandito kaming nga supporter mo

    • Shalom Zehrah Naar

      Hindi naman kakalat yan without the permission of the authority led by Mar Roxas… Maninira naman talaga si Mar sa issue nila ngayon. si Mar ang unang nag-accuse na Davao city’s peace is a myth, din nakipag-scandalo na. hjehehe

  • John Paul Fajanil

    for me.. as capiznon nd aq boboto dyan.. kasi.. c mar wla ,man magawa sa capiz… uuwi lang cia d2 para makisimpatya …. go duterte baka dyan tayo uunlad …. nd na tau aapihin ng ibang bansa

    • Country Above Self

      He has done a lot for Negros and the entire province is behind him.

      • Shalom Zehrah Naar


    • my_name

      hahaha. alam mo isa ka sa mga walang alam. Ang daming projects ang napagawa sa distrito nyo thru the efforts of Mar Roxas during the time that each congressman have PDAF. Ang daming roads and bridges pinagawa nya.

      Minsan, magresearch ka hindi puro tsismis lang ang alam mo

      • Shalom Zehrah Naar

        epal talaga yan si Roxas mo, may thru initiative pa sa projects niya. eh, si Duterte ni man isa walang nakalagay na ka-epalan na name sa kahit anong projects sa Davao. MAR EPAL!

  • Barurots

    Dump that cheap backstabbing yellow animal. He will do you no good but all harm.

  • my_name

    Alam mo Digong, strategy mo talaga yan! URong-sulong!
    Palabas ng tsismis! Ang totoo, nagkunwari-kunwarian ka lang naman para maging issue against kay Mar dahil gusto mo rin tumakbo!

    since wala kang pera, ayon back-out ka!

    for a mere reason of Grace Poe, tatakbo ka na? bullsh!T at stup1d ka!

    • Shalom Zehrah Naar

      mas stupid si Mar dahil siya ang unang nanira, especially ds December lang.

  • etokus

    Akala ko ba “sasampalin nya si P. I. Mar Roxas. This the opportune time to to make do with his threat to slap Roxas….

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