‘Shabulized’ 2.0? Iloilo mayor fears pubic shaming in second SONA

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Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog is bracing for the worst during the second State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Over the past year, Iloilo has been tagged by Duterte as being a bedrock of illegal drugs in the country, at one point even calling it the “most shabulized” province in the Philippines.

“I’m just praying and hoping that he will see the truth and recognize our efforts in the antidrug campaign. Pero I am also expecting the worst,” Mabilog said.

The mayor fears that Duterte will again publicly shame Iloilo and its officials during the SONA on July 24.

Duterte previously tagged Mabilog and three other mayors in the province of supposedly being coddlers of illegal drugs. Among those tagged were Mariano Malones of Maasin, Sigfriedo Betita or Carles, and Alex Centena of Calinog.

However, any proof of the allegations has yet to be presented by the administration. No charges have been filed against the four mayors, who all denied the claims made by the President.

Mabilog said he already ordered the local offices of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Philippine National Police to submit the real drug figures in the city to show Duterte the efforts of the city to join the government’s war on illegal drugs.

Duterte lost in Iloilo in the 2016 presidential elections.