RDC chair Cobonpue: Cebu needs to invest in solar energy

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The Cebu province needs to invest more in energy resources and not just relying on the electricity produced by power plants in Leyte, Central Visayas Regional Development Council (RDC) chairman said.

Kenneth Cobonue, chairman of the RDC, said that the earthquake that jolted the Leyte province causing damage on its power plants underscored the need for Cebu to invest in energy sector.

Cebu and Bohol have been relying on the energy resources produced by power plants located in Leyte. The July 6 earthquake left major power plants and transmission lines in Leyte damaged resulting to power shortages in several areas in central Philippines, including Bohol and Cebu.

Cobonpue, also a furniture designer, said that the province needs to tap solar energy resources to augment the growing power demand of the province.