Priority No. 1 for new PPA head: Make over ports

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The renovation of major ports will top the to-do list of the new port manager of the Philippine Ports Authority for Negros Occidental.

Bernard Calledo said he will particularly prioritize the renovations of the Banago Port and other terminal ports in the province so they will be globally competitive.

Calledo, who replaces Enrique Fuentebaja, served earlier as port manager of Tacloban in Leyte.

He said he will continue the projects started by the previous administration this year.

He said he is looking forward to the renovation of the Banago port, which is now in the process of approval in the PPA head office in Manila.

“We will be working on the development of the port through carefully planning as there are informal settlers in the port,” he said.

Meanwhile, Calledo said he will have an open-office to listen to issues regarding the ports in the province.