Osmeña: Let Filipinos elect CHR chairman

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said the chairmanship of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) should be an elective position, even calling the appointment system of the institution as “stupid.”

This pronouncements came after the House of Representatives voted to slash the proposed 2018 budget of CHR to a mere P1,000.

“That there is public support for Congress’ decision to award CHR with a budget that fits a single paper bill is a clear indicator that there is a loss of trust and confidence in CHR’s leadership. It’s chairman should resign,” said Osmeña in a Facebook post.

However, if the chairman does not resign, the mayor said: “Let the Filipinos choose”

“CHR’s reason for existing – and the reason it must exist – is in the simplest of terms, to protect the people from the potential abuses of government. So why should government appoint who leads CHR? It’s stupid,” he said.

Osmeña explained that the people should be given the “choice” on who will protect their rights so that if they are no longer satisfied with its performance, “they can change its leadership every 3 or 6 years.”

“Then Congress will have no choice but to respect the will of the people and give the budget a well-managed and publicly accepted CHR needs to function.” he said.

Osmeña said that this is not an issue between Liberal Party against PDP-Laban, but “an issue of what is good for the Philippines and the Filipinos.”

“Let the checks and balances of our government be done by someone who will be held directly accountable to the Filipino people. Let the Filipinos vote,” he said.