Osmeña clarifies apology over FB post

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Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña said that his apology regarding a recent Facebook post was to the people he offended and not to the councilors allied with Barug Team Rama.

The mayor earlier apologized for his comment on Facebook about the foul smell in Inayawan Sanitary Landfill.

Using the hashtag #TeamRamaBahogB_ _at, Osmeña criticized the opposition councilors for blocking the city’s efforts to solve the problem.

“They want to talk about offended? They should talk to the people of Inayawan whose landfill deodorization they tried to block,” the politiko said.

A SunStar Cebu report said Barug Team Rama councilors are planning to file a complaint against the mayor for his offensive comment.

“What uproar they try to raise on this issue shows how little they can offer the people they are suppose to serve. So again, if you were offended by my post, I am truly sorry. But if you’re ‘offended’ for political gain, well, #baho gyud mo,” said Osmeña.