Niño Rey’s camp: We want independent DNA testing on blood stains taken in banca

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Bohol Provincial Board Member Niño Rey Boniel’s camp wants an independent firm to conduct the DNA testing of blood stains taken in the banca that allegedly carried the body Bien Unido, Bohol Mayor Gisela Bendong-Boniel.

Niño Rey’s lawyer, Inocencio Dela Cerna Jr., said that they still have legal remedies and one of those is to ask the court for an independent and qualified testing of the blood stains.

The Police Regional Office (PRO)-Central Visayas earlier said that “result has concluded that the source of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) profile obtained from the cotton swabs with alleged blood stains taken from the motor boat cover is consistent with having come from an offspring of the mother of the late Mayor Gisela Boniel.”

Niño Rey was the principal accused on the kidnap-slay case of Gisela.

Gisela was allegedly killed by Niño Rey on June 7.

Gisela’s body, which was believed to be dumped between the waters of Cebu and Bohol, has yet to be found.

Niño Rey is facing parricide charge before a Cebu regional trial court.

He was also charged with kidnapping and serious illegal detention for allegedly abducting Gisela’s best friend, Angela Leyson and her son.

Niño Rey entered not guilty plea in the kidnapping and serious illegal detention raps.