Mayor Lee Ann Debuque chased this lady at the airport. Here’s why

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It was like a movie!

Anilao Mayor Nathalie Ann Debuque found herself breathing for life as she ran through the Iloilo International Airport. But she wasn’t chasing for the love of her life with a one-way ticket abroad.

Instead, she was after Sugar Regulatory Administration head Anna Rosario Paner who was on the way back to Manila. Debuque wanted to personally give Paner her proposal for a four-kilometer farm to mill road in the province.

Special thanks to Congressman Ferjenel Biron and fellow Mayors Jesry Palmared and Trixie Fernandez for stalling the official long enough to make the meeting happen.

She wasn’t too late, as they even had time to take a photo. Debuque must’ve sprinted to get there!