Disrespect: Dumaguete council furious over relief of police chief

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Members of the Dumaguete council have expressed disgust over what they considered as a disrespectful act of Senior Superintendent Edwin Portento, acting police provincial director, in relieving Superintendent Jovito Atanacio as Dumaguete City police chief.

Portento ignored City Council’s resolution to extend Atanacio’s stint in Dumaguete because of several activities lined up until December this year. Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo backed the resolution.

The Dumaguete City Council has recommended the withholding of assistance to the police in the 2018 regular budget of the city until such time that the PNP provincial office has explained its decision to replace Atanacio.

Councilor Manny Arbon said the unceremonious way of replacing the former chief of police doesn’t speak well of the PNP as an organization.

He said if the PNP considered the local government unit as partner, they should extend mutual respect to the local government.

Arbon, along with Councilors Michael Bandal, Lilani Ramon, and Estanislao Alviola said they felt offended by the way Atanacio was pulled out because they were among those who supported a resolution that commended the former chief of police for a job well done in the city.

With the looming budget review, the proposed P5-million aid to law enforcement units and not just the PNP would be withheld pending an explanation from the provincial police director.

Arbon noted the relief order was issued when Atanacio was on leave and while the mayor was out of town.

They were surprised on Monday morning that the OIC chief of police, Superintendent Jonathan Pineda, had already reported as a replacement of Atanacio, as if it was planned ahead to take the parties off guard

Critics may consider this as a very small issue, but “a lot of ships sink because they don’t mind the small leakage under the hull,” Arbon said. (PNA)