Daza twits Suarez for supportive ‘turno en contra’ speech

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The soft-spoken Northern Samar first-district Rep. Raul Daza made a subtle dig at Minority Floor Leader Danny Suarez after the latter delivered his “turno en contra” speech in response to the impending approval of the P3.767 trillion budget.

By tradition, the turno en contra speech is delivered by the Minority Leader of the House to oppose the approval of the budget.

Suarez, to his credit, expressed some criticisms about the budget, especially the low absorptive capacity of agencies. But he was also congratulatory toward the Duterte administration and the House leadership, at one point, asking his colleagues to applaud Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

After his speech, Daza approached the podium to ask if he could propound questions to Suarez, and the latter agreed.

“The turno en contra is not provided in House rules, however it is under tradition, because of two-party system, whenever the General Appropriations Act is to be approved, the minority makes what is called ‘turno en contra,’ which is Spanish meaning ‘a turn against,’ the budget as proposed by the majority,” he said.

“I thought perhaps, even if we are now in a multiparty system, in the House, we draw the line between majority and minority. Perhaps the turno en contra should be accepted and practiced in the way it has been done by tradition,” Daza said.

He asked Suarez: “Is it the intention of the Minority Leader to vote against the General Appropriations Bill? Is it or is it not?”

Suarez replied: “Am I in favor? The answer is yes. I am in favor.”