Davide: Expect more narco-politicians to be arrested

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Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III said that President Rodrigo R. Duterte is dead serious in his campaign against illegal drugs and more narco-politicians will be arrested.

Davide said that the intensified crackdown against illegal drugs – a campaign platform of the President – will exempt no one, even those elected public officials.

“It just goes to show that our president’s campaign against illegal drugs exempts no one – be a mayor or any elected public official,” the governor said.

Davide said the statement in the wake of the death of Ozamiz City mayor Reynaldo Parojinog after the police raided his house. Vice-mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Eschavez was also arrested.

Duterte earlier tagged the older Parojinog as one of the biggest narco-politicians in the country.

Last week, Greco Sanchez, the son of the late Cebu vice-governor Greg Sanchez was arrested due to alleged links to illegal drugs.

Former Medellin, Cebu mayor and now councilor Ricky Ramirez was also arrested last week after unlicensed high-powered firearms and drug paraphernalia were seized in his residence.