Cleared! 29 more barangays declared drug-free in Tacloban City

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Twenty-nine more barangays in Tacloban City have been declared free from Illegal drugs by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Monday.

The drug cleared Barangays are: Barangays 26 Gomez/Paterno Street; 8 – T. Claudio, 34 Imelda/Real St.; 44-A Quarry (EVSU), 17 Gomez/Salazar St; 66 A Anibong; 91 Abucay, 18 Gomez St.; 78 Marasbaras; 81 Marasbaras; 26 Gomez/Paterno St.; 34 Imelda/Real St.; 57 White Lane Sampaguita; 17 Gomez/Salazar; 7 Del Pilar/Gomez St.; 12 GE Palanog; 37 A Palanog Resettlement; 73 PHHC Mountainside; 23 A Imelda/Del Pilar; 19 Burgos/Real; 24 Sto. Nino/Imelda; 1 and 4 Libertad; 8 – T. Claudio; 6 A Sto. Nino Extension; 110 Utap; 22 Rizal Avenue; 21-A Burgos/Sto. Nino; 50 Independencia/Real/Arellano and 38 Veteranos/Torres/Burgos.

The said villages were validated by an oversight committee chaired by PDEA Regional Office VIII Acting Regional Director Edgar T. Jubay and attested by the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) Chaired by Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez.

Jubay signed the Oversight Committee Resolution and Certification declaring the Barangays drug-cleared on Monday together with Atty. Kaye Barreda who represented Mayor Romualdez, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) City Local Government Operations Office Director Atty. Darwin Bibar, Tacloban City Police Office Director Rolando Bade and Department of Health Assistant Regional Director Paula Paz Sydiongco.

According to the PDEA RO 8 the declaration means that there are no drug operations in the villages.

With the addition of 29 Barangays, Tacloban City now has 31 drug-cleared Barangays; two Barangays, 44 and 77 were earlier cleared on June 23, 2017.

Bade said that the next steps for the these barangays is to maintain their “cleared” status and share its best practices with other barangays.

He stressed that should there be a resumption of drug operations in the cleared barangays, batangay officials should alert the local police Office within 30 days.