Bawal ‘yan! Acting Iloilo mayor orders removal of ‘ukay-ukay’ in Jaro Plaza

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Acting Iloilo City Mayor Jose Espinosa has ordered the removal of kiosks in Jaro Plaza used for selling ukay-ukay.

Espinosa issued Executive Order (EO) No. 87 after confirming that there was no garden show contrary to what has been requested.

Espinosa also conducted an ocular inspection on October 5 to see for himself and confirmed of presence of ukay-ukay which violated the laws.

Espinosa also found out the existence of electrical connections to the line of City Government without corresponding permits.

“These matters constitute flagrant violations of Republic Act Nos. 4653 and 7832 which are respectively known as ‘An Act to Safeguard the Health of the People and Maintain the Dignity of the Nation by Declaring it a National Policy to Prohibit the Commercial Importation of Textile Articles commonly known as Used Clothing and Rags,’ and ‘Anti-Electricity and Electric Transmission Lines / Materials Pilferage Act of 1994,” the EO read.

Espinosa ordered Task Force ASIS head Robert Dumanil to immediately cause the removal of all structures and kiosks which were erected and utilized for the illegal display and trading of ukay-ukay and submit a compliance report.