Bag-ao files bill to require Grade 12 students to learn about Constitution

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Dinagat Rep. Kaka Bag-ao has filed a bill mandating the inclusion of teaching about the 1987 Constitution in the basic education curriculum.

She cited Article XIV, Section 3, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution, which states that “all educational institutions shall include the study of the Constitution as part of the curricula,” in filing House Bill No. 6554, also known as the Constitutional Education Bill.

“In this time when many are talking about charter change and shifting the form of government, we need to ensure that our citizens—especially the youth who will eventually inherit the reins of leadership in this country—are given the opportunity to appreciate and understand our current Constitution,” said Bag-ao.

The 1987 Constitution, according to Bag-ao, a human rights lawyer, is “a product of our struggle to reclaim and revive democracy after a dark time under a dictatorship.”

She said she chose Grade 12 as young Filipinos “would be mature enough to be able to comprehend concepts concerning the law and society, but they would still be youthful enough to be infused with the idealism necessary for truly embracing their role as stakeholders of this country’s future.”

Under the proposal, the Department of Education, with the assistance of concerned government agencies and constitutional commissions and experts on the Constitution from the academe, shall be tasked to develop the Constitutional Education course for the Grade 12 curriculum.