Ang baboy! Tommy Osmeña spills all the dirty details of closed Rico’s Lechon

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This popular lechon place had more violations beyond operating without a business permit, and it ain’t pretty.

Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña went all-out as he refuted every claim made by the owners of the embattled Rico’s Lechon amid repeated attempts to get him to lift the closure order he issued on two branches of the restaurant chain in Cebu City.

Clearly pissed, Osmeña did not mince words as he pointed out the problems he had with Rico’s. Apart from not having a valid business permit, the politiko said the lechon place didn’t have a sanitary permit, an environmental compliance certificate, a fire safety certificate, tax declaration, a certificate of property holdings, and even their articles of incorporation from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What’s more, Osmeña said Rico’s had been dumping pig waste at a nearby sapa to the detriment of residents.

“How can I give a business permit when they cannot comply with even the most basic of requirements? How can they demand to do business when the City still has to assess them for their previously undeclared 500,000 pesos daily gross revenue?,” the mayor said, while pointing out that the restaurant owners also tried to get to him through connections via his daughter-in-law who was a business partner.

Literal na labasan ng baho!